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Caroli Foods Group. Through quality, your friend for life!

About us

CFG is the leader of the Romanian cold-cuts market, both by value and annual sales.

The company was founded in 1994 in Romania and in two decades of activity it has provided quality products for all consumers.

Today, Caroli Foods has 4 brands in its portfolio: Caroli, Campofrio, Sissi, Maestro and Primo with more than 200 products for all tastes.

Joint Venture with Campofrio Food Group

In 2010, Caroli Foods Group and Campofrio Food Group signed a joint venture agreement to raise the quality standard of the cold-cuts market and offer better coverage in South Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldavia, Serbia, Ukraine and Turkey).

Campofrio Food Group is the leading European meat processor and an important global player.


Through quality, your friend for life!

Caroli Foods Group aspires to be one of your lovemarks, a brand to trust and hold dear. A choice made wholeheartedly, based on respected promises. A friend who understands you and is at reach whenever you need him.

Caroli Foods Group is more than a leader - it's an innovator who supports your growth and an industry model who pushes forward the quality standards of the environment in which you dream and live your life.


Caroli Foods Group wants to the first choice of consumers in Romania and the most respected and successful meat processor in South Eastern Europe.


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