Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Why choose Caroli Foods?

Quality and care for the environment are the two pillars of our strategy for a sustainable business model on the Romanian cold-cuts market. As leader of the industry, it is our responsibility to offer the best products and services to our consumers without impacting the environment. We respect this engagement through our business strategy, by investing in the latest technologies and working with a team of highly skilled professionals.

From where do you source raw materials? What type of meat do you use?

Caroli Foods Group uses only fresh pork, beef, chicken and turkey meat in the production process, sourced from authorized suppliers, in accordance with Romanian and European standards and regulations. Furthermore, Caroli Foods Group has a version 6 International Food Standard (IFS) certification at Higher Level standards, which guarantees food safety and product quality, in strict accordance with European food regulations.

Why are food additives used in the preparation of cold-cut products?

Food additives are substances, with or without nutritional value, than are used in food preparation (including cold-cuts) to improve quality or allow the use of advanced processing technologies. To be more precise, additives help preserve quality for longer; maintain or enhance taste; maintain product consistency; enhance flavor and color of products; control product acidity and alkalinity.

Can I trust labels?

Caroli Foods respects both Romanian and European Union regulations and is certified ISO 9011:2008, a recognition of the company’s orientation towards quality, best practices and quality management. Furthermore, Caroli Foods has been awarded HACCP and IFS certifications, for management system dedicated to hazard prevention and food production safety.

What do you recommend when choosing cold-cuts?

Purchase cold cuts only from authorized retailers that respect storage conditions indicated on the package.
Check product package for integrity before purchase.
Read information on labels thoroughly.
Check expiry date.