Quality assurance at every stage

Caroli Foods Group became the cold-cuts market leader in Romania through permanent attention for quality and safety, guaranteed by investments in state of the art technology.

The recognizable taste that makes your day better is guaranteed by thorough quality checks and high standards applied at every stage of the production and distribution processes.

We use beef, pork, chicken and turkey meat only from authorized suppliers that comply with active quality and safety standards.
Raw material are thoroughly inspected for total safety.
Only the best ingredients that passed the quality control are masterfully transformed into tens of original and traditional recipes.
To add flavor and for better preservation, some products are pasteurized, smoked or partially cooked.
Cooked products are left to cool naturally and those who need time to develop flavor are stored for maturing in ideal conditions, under constant supervision.
Before they can be made available to you, Caroli Products are checked once more.
Only the products that meet the highest quality standards are worthy of wearing the respectable label of one of the Caroli Foods Group brands.
Packaged and verified products are shipped from the production unit in Ploiesti to 6 regional warehouses that cover the entire country.
From regional warehouses, Caroli Foods products are shipped to retailers, as fresh as the day they were packaged.
What delicious Caroli Foods product would you like to enjoy today?

Highest standards of quality and safetye

Caroli Foods recipes are produced in a modern and highly certified plant located in Pitesti, Romania.

Production is mostly handled by computerized state-of-the-art machinery running preset programs for each product and step of the process. This way, quality parameters are always maintained and the food safety level is maximum.